Professional Editing Services

Virtual Staging

Send your RAW images and we'll virtually stage it with furniture or you can request a photographer to take photos and offer this as an add on service.

Item Removal

HDR images delivered within 1 day. 

Virtual Twilight 

Convert your crisp RAW image into a virtual twilight night shot:

Twilight physical add on to exisiting order

Twilight Only

The photographer will arrive 10-20 minutes before civil twilight 

Virtual Timelapse

Add Approximate Property Lines 

Trip Charge Fee

Re-shoot/Additional trip to the location

$100 plus possible trip charge depending on the distance to capture additional images if not the fault of photographer because of blurry/pixelation. If there is blurry/pixelation, the specific re-shoot is free of charge.

If there home/building is under construction and a re-shoot is needed, that will be at the expense of the client. Ensure all construction/personnel/pets are secured so the photographer can capture all images in one session. $75 on-site cancellation/reschedule fee. Give me 3 hours advance notice for no fee reschedule or cancellation. If the area is unfinished and additional photoshoots are needed, there will be minimum $100 each additional visit.